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The starting point is the tradition of Egyptian craftsmanship in the field of classical luxury furniture that is made from the expert hands of master furniture makers. In fact from these artisans come out unique collections, where the wood is moulded into different shapes, and it is expressed in gentle inlaid designs and it is lighted by gold and silver. But the décor of an interior is not made only of furniture: this is the reason for the birth of the contract division of London Gallery.


The ancient art of carpentry selects the best essences of wood to make furniture that can satisfy the sight and the touch and to defy the years. It is the ability to see inside what is still raw material what will be and to make it to come to life.

London Gallery
London Gallery


Chisels of all shapes and all sizes are the tools of the trade of the carvers, which create floral patterns, swirls and geometric games. So the wood seems to pulsate to a new life that blossoms into real unique pieces


The gold or silver thin leaves applied by hand on the wood give to particular details or to entire piece of furniture the splendour of luxury furnishings. The furnishings are dressed of a warm and changing light that emphasizes their shape

London Gallery
London Gallery


Thin leaves of different essences of wood expertly matched as colors on a painter's palette give life to the magic of inlay. From the passion and from the expertise of the artist borns so sophisticated compositions that speak the language of wood


An art that is expressed in the tip of the brush: is the decoration, playing with suave decors, describing exotic landscapes and enchants with his tales. Whether speaks with sober touch tone on tone or lush oriental landscapes gives to each element the charm of exclusivity.

London Gallery
London Gallery


Here are the final touch, one that crystallizes what has been done so far, on the one hand bringing out any other jobs, on the other hand, to accompany the furnishings in their journey through the years: even polishing is done manually, with skill and passion


All furnishings are first assembled at the laboratory of Vimercati, so as to verify the actual perfection, then are again dismounted to be carefully well packaged, shipped anywhere in the world and remounted in their permanent location by qualified personnel.

London Gallery
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