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On this page, you will find all our variants of Dressers.

A dresser, a.k.a. a vanity or a dressing table, is a low, wide piece of furniture with drawers for storing clothing. A dresser may have two to four large drawers running its entire width, two or three rows of smaller drawers, or smaller drawers on top and bigger drawers at the bottom.

The flat dresser top lends itself to holding pretty, often-used personal items such as jewelry, perfume and accessories, as well as framed photos or other keepsakes. A dresser often features an attached mirror which helps with getting dressed, giving its name a more modern interpretation.

Don’t confuse a dresser with a chest, or chest of drawers. Also called a bureau, this tall — typically chest-height — and narrow piece of furniture features drawers, but no mirror. An antiques dealer may refer to an old one as a chiffonier.

And then there’s the chifforobe, a cross between a wardrobe or armoire and a chest of drawers. One half of this tall furnishing contains drawers, while the other has space for hanging clothes.

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